Request Portal Account

AFT Portal Access

Thank you for your interest in an AFT portal account!

During the study start up process, one person at your site (likely a lead site coordinator) will be granted a portal account by the respective study team at AFT. If you are one of the first staff members at your site to gain access to our systems, you can log in and access our online Site Information Sheet (SIS).

The Site Information Sheet (SIS) is our online form to request access for the staff at your site. This includes access to the RAVE electronic capture system, the AFT portal, and other study systems.
If you need AFT portal access and your site is already open on that trial, then a member of your site with SIS access will need to request access on your behalf. This process is in place to make sure that we are only granting access to our study collaborators  that need it, and to keep our clinical systems secure.
If you need portal access and your site is not yet open, please work with your AFT study contact at AFT to request access. Once an initial staff member of your site has access to the portal, they will be required to request access on behalf of all other staff members.
If you require technical assistance, please reach out to AFT Tech support at

Please note: The Tech Support team is not authorized to provide access to a site staff member by circumventing the SIS process.